Saturday, 30 April 2011

Been a while...

Carvels - Caravels - Black /175
Carvels - Caravels - Solid Yellow /100
Carvels - Caravels - Solid Green (Tour Version) /75
Carvels - Caravels - Gray /150

Xerxes - 'Twins' - clear purple /100

I haven't posted in here for fucking months! I'd pretty much given up on it, just lost enthusiasm I suppose. Didn't think anyone read it still but a couple of people asked if I was going to/ I should write more. So what the hell, I've had a load more records arrive since September, might as well write about them.

The two in this post are two of my favourite US bands right now; Xerxes and Caravels. Some of you may know that I am releasing Xerxes therefore think I will write an insanely biased review of them. Well, you're right.

Xerxes are a band that I took a chance on last year. I knew about the label they were on (Mayfly Records) and had heard their name about on the Bridge 9 board. I'd never actually taken the time to listen to them, but frankly I thought their name was cool as shit, so I went to Mayfly's store and bought the 'Twins' 7". Came to the checkout and it was going to cost me £8 for one 7". Almost bailed on it but I think I'd just been paid so I was feeling rich haha.

Took a while to arrive, but fuck, it was SUCH a good listen! Easily one of my favourite 7"s I own. A sexy clear purple too, looks so awesome. The artwork is great too, from what I gather one of the Xerxes members has a bit of an obsession with the photographer's work so they've used her work quite a bit, including on their split with Midnight Souls that I and Mayfly Records are releasing.

Although not the easiest band to describe sound wise, I usually say pg.99 meets Life Long Tragedy. They've got that blend of hardcore and screamo that made Touche Amore so huge, albeit rougher sounding. They also just signed to No Sleep Records (TA/ La Dispute etc) so they've clearly got a good thing going, and I am so stoked to have been able to release a record for them. I was a fan first, so being able to release a band that you fully love is fucking amazing.

Caravels are a fantastic melodic screamo band from Las Vega I think, and are currently signed to Topshelf Records (who are putting out some of the most new and exciting bands around, so check them out This 7" is their first release on the label, preceeded by last years (maybe the year before's( 'Floorboards' CD which ruled SO hard. One of the more original screamo bands around I think, if you can even really class them as screamo. Just real melodic goodness.

This is a track off their 'Twins' 7".

I managed to get the 4 pack collectors thing that Topshelf were doing, which I don't usually do too often. $20 for the records, and being that it was 4 7" I expected the same, if not more, for postage which would have made the whole thing very costly. But it turned out alright, and it was totally worth it. The colour of the records are so nice, the weird minty green one is probably my favourite. Seriously, it looks like you could eat it.

Here's a track from this 7", Side A.