Thursday, 19 August 2010

Quick update

Touché Amoré - Demo 2008 - Sound and Fury cover 39/75

This arrived a couple of days ago, very very happy! I think the label saved a few copies to sell online as apposed to these being leftover from the festival; I can't imagine 75 limited records NOT selling out really. A great addition to the collection, especially as I thought I'd not be able to pick one of these up without paying big bucks. I have the TA/ Make Do and Mend S+F cover on order too as Panic Records saved some of them to sell online which is fantastic for me. As of now I'm only missing the TA/ La Dispute S+F cover from this years fest so need to track that down.

The record itself is on clear, although a very off clear. The original pressing info for the demo repress was coke bottle blue and then clear gold, no mention of plain clear. I'm going to hazard a guess that the clear copies are pressing errors of the coke bottle blue version as the clear ones are very slightly blue tinted.

Finally have some plans to release vinyl on my label. That's basically the reason I started it and it's been a year and a half and it still hasn't happened. But the ball is rolling, the bands are ready and I am stoked. It's expensive as hell but totally worth it, can't wait to announce it all and get everything prepared!

Been listening to this band a lot lately, sooooo good.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Cool record bro

Touché Amoré/ La Dispite - split - black/ gold /500
Touché Amoré/ La Dispite - split - black/ beige /500

Arrived yesterday! It became available for download on the 27th July I'm pretty sure so I knew already that is 7" was a stunner, but oh my, the packaging is awesome. Different drawings on each side, and the opposite colours that come through the cut out letters when it's all folded up, it's great. Almost something to play with. I didn't have a clue it was like this at all; No Sleep Records posted an image of it in June but it just looked like a normal sleeve.

I also like how the inners match the records, it's the little things that matter.

There was an additional pressing on black /1000 that came out after the preorders sold out, so I need to pick that up at some point. There is also a Sound and Fury 2010 cover /75 that I need, hopefully I'll be able to pick that up in the near future.

Here's one track from each side of the split, hope you like it!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Haven't had anything arrive for a while now. I was hoping some things I've preordered would arrive but unfortunately not. I managed to score a really really awesome record last week, I was so pleased to get it. It was the Sound and Fury '10 version of the Touché Amoré demo 7". Somehow they had copies left over (even though it was limited to 75) and the remainder were put up in the No Sleep Records online store so I got straight in there.

I did have a bit of a scare though as I've had a 12" lost in the post. Thankfully, the person I bought it off managed to track it down. Turns out it ended up in Iowa instead of here with me haha, absolutely mental. Thank you very much JordyEdge off DeadFormat though, awesome dude, been very helpful!

I'll post some pictures of my TA collection as it grows. As it stands I have like 8 Touché Amoré records in the post which is ridiculous quite frankly, but also very exciting. Cannot wait for them to arrive.

UPDATE 5/8/10:

This is what I'm waiting for in the post, quite an impressive list!

Ironclad/Never Again - split - White with Blue Haze /100
Touché Amoré - the beat of a dead horse - black /200
Touché Amoré - the beat of a dead horse - blue /500
Touché Amoré - the beat of a dead horse - white /1000
Touché Amoré - Demo 2008 - 2nd press, clear /310
Touché Amoré - Demo 2008 - 2nd press, Sound and Fury cover /75
Touché Amoré/ La Dispute - Split - black/ beige /500
Touché Amoré/ La Dispute - Split - black/ gold /500
Touché Amoré/ Make Do and Mend - Split - 6131 Records colour
Touché Amoré/ Make Do and Mend - Split - Panic Records colour
Touché Amoré/ Make Do and Mend - Split - Sound and Fury cover /150
Touché Amoré/ Make Do and Mend - Split - standard colour

Anyway I've been listening to a band called Hiretsukan a shit ton lately, if you like pretty fast insane screamo then you'll dig this band.