Thursday, 2 September 2010

Push Pull

Punch - Push Pull - clear olive-ish kind of

Haven't posted on here for ages, but that would be due to having bugger all vinyl turn up. A lot of what I'm waiting for is preorders that I have no idea when they are due to arrive. This record in particular (although it wasn't a preorder) when it arrived I literally had no idea what it could be, I kept trying to think what on earth I had ordered but wasn't until I opened it I did the 'Oh yeah of course, how could I forget'.

Right so Punch rule basically so straight off the bat I knew this was going to be a fucking great piece of wax, and as I expected, it does not disappoint. I tend to think of them as Never Again but if Luke Overin was a girl, if that gives you an indication of what they sound like. I haven't had time to scoure the lyrics yet to really give you an idea of the topics, but there was a little quote after all the thank you's etc that I thought was interesting:

"San Francisco's fog normally results from a combination of push and pull (a push from the Pacific High, a pull from the hot Central Valley), but lacking the usual push from behind by the Pacific High, fogs do not have the impetus to go farther than the area immediately inside the Golden Gate. So they settle down in San Francisco, and the city - Particularly the oceanside areas - may scarely see the sun for weeks at a time.'

Gives quite a grim image in a city that I never knew, or would have expected, this to occur in. It's possibly my own ignorance or maybe this fog event is just not widely publicised outside of the states, but it really surprised me, I had no idea of this happening. Weeks without seeing the sun must put a downer on a lot of people, can't exactly be healthy for humans and surely must affect behaviour and mood.

I would suggest people buy this record but according to their bigcartel and Interpunk, it has sold out. Good for them! I wish they'd release the pressing info for this though, there was another colour that I can't remember and I don't know the quantities which always bugs me. If I find out I'll edit this page!

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