Thursday, 19 August 2010

Quick update

Touché Amoré - Demo 2008 - Sound and Fury cover 39/75

This arrived a couple of days ago, very very happy! I think the label saved a few copies to sell online as apposed to these being leftover from the festival; I can't imagine 75 limited records NOT selling out really. A great addition to the collection, especially as I thought I'd not be able to pick one of these up without paying big bucks. I have the TA/ Make Do and Mend S+F cover on order too as Panic Records saved some of them to sell online which is fantastic for me. As of now I'm only missing the TA/ La Dispute S+F cover from this years fest so need to track that down.

The record itself is on clear, although a very off clear. The original pressing info for the demo repress was coke bottle blue and then clear gold, no mention of plain clear. I'm going to hazard a guess that the clear copies are pressing errors of the coke bottle blue version as the clear ones are very slightly blue tinted.

Finally have some plans to release vinyl on my label. That's basically the reason I started it and it's been a year and a half and it still hasn't happened. But the ball is rolling, the bands are ready and I am stoked. It's expensive as hell but totally worth it, can't wait to announce it all and get everything prepared!

Been listening to this band a lot lately, sooooo good.

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