Monday, 21 June 2010

Anger ain't a mood, it's a godamn way of life

Dangers 'Anger' 2nd press, grey /100

Can't think of a name for this blog. Basically I'm just going to be posting some of my favourite records, plus new ones I get in the post I think are interesting.

The record I am posting now is one of my recent favourites. It's by a band called Dangers from California, memebers of Graf Orlock/ Ghostlimb and ex-members of The Mircle Mile. Lyrically, they're unlike most other bands I listen to. They're very introspective of the writer (vocalist Al Brown), negative, critical of everyone, and also, there's quite a few blunt mention of sex (promiscuity, abortion). This surprised me as it's something that either is written in metaphors by other bands or not at all (at least the other bands I listen to).

Anyway this band is fucking great, a bit hard to describe them; sorta like hardcore punk with a slight screamo edge. This is the repress of their first album 'Anger' that came out first in 2006. Pressed by Vitriol Records (run by Justin of Graf Orlock/ Dangers/ Ghostlimb). Be sure to check out their new full length 'Messy, Isn't It?'!

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