Monday, 21 June 2010


Loma Prieta 'Life/ Less' test pressing, 17/25

So Loma Prieta are a screamo/ scramz/ whatever band from California, comprised of current and ex members of Punch and I Wrote Haikkus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook (both of which I HIGHLY recommend), and I managed to snag a test press of their new record after I saw a post from their facebook. I thought it was a pretty cool idea; they obviously didn't need 25 test presses so they were definitely made to sell, but it meant I got the record about 4-5 weeks before the proper pressing was out which was fantastic.

I haven't been listening to this band that long, I think I stumbled across them on LastFM and then my friend Jay recommended me them in the same sort of time frame so I gave them more notice. Jay generally has great music taste so I trust whatever he throws my way. Anyway, 'Last City' is the first full length by Loma Prieta and that's what I've got into the most. There's a couple of demos and split before this, but they far from outshine this quite frankly, stunning record. 'Dark Mountain' came out in 08 and I can't get into it so much, so I was a little hesitant about 'Life/ Less'.

How wrong was I! The record is immense, easily their most frantic/ noisey sound so far, fast as hell and a nice harsh recording quality. Being the record dork I am, I will have to get the normal pressing as well (also to stop me from constantly spinning the test and scratching it). Unfortunately, their Euro tour this summer is purely mainland Europe, so I don't get to see them which fucking blows, but with any luck they'll make it to these shores sometime.

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