Thursday, 24 June 2010

We're youth eternal, nothing more to become

AFI/ Heckle split 7", black /700

AFI basically are the most important band of my entire life. From the age of 12-17 I was a complete AFI freak; constantly wearing their t-shirts, buying all their releases (sometimes on mutliple copies if there were special edition CDs), scribbling lyrics in my school work books and folders, I basically fell in love with this band more than anything or anyone. There was a fairly good AFI collecting scene around those years so getting hold of pressing info and things like that was pretty easy; seems to have died down lately though. Which means a lot of my rare shit has gone down in value, but I'm not likely to part with it anytime soon, or ever maybe.

I loved basically everything they released to death until fucking Decemberunderground came out and from that point on I was lost. It was heartbreaking, I was without a favourite band for the first time in years, and am still recoving from the shock that record brought. Luckily Crash Love was fucking good (albeit extrememly pop), so that did help the healing.

So this particular record is now 15 years old, which I believe makes it the oldest record I own. I was about 16 when I acquired it off some dude from Canada, I think it cost me $35 with shipping, at the time that was roughly £20 as the exchange rate fucking ruled then. I went to Florida for a couple of weeks after I paid for it so had a long wait til I was able to listen to it, but I remember the first thing I did was go find the post when I got home, and was so excited to see it there. Unfortunately I didn't have a record player at the time haha, so I got in touch with another AFI fan I knew (Hadley) who I was sure would appreciate it, and went round his after college and gave it a listen. It was awesome. AFI when they were a hardcore band, what's not to love?

So after 19 years, AFI have completely changed their sound, and half the members are different, but they're still one of the best East Bay hardcore bands, and now I guess are the best East Bay pop band ha (still down with the core though - Davey Havok covering Straight Edge Revenge with Ceremony anyone?).

This 7" was also pressed on white /300, and last time I checked sold for between $80-100. Would be sweet to own, but for that price I stick to good old black.

This video I think is from the record release show for this 7". I would have been 4 or 5 years old!

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