Monday, 28 June 2010

Missing items

I was going to do a post right now but the camera I use is not where it's meant to be. It is meant to be in like one of three places and it's not, I don't know what to do. It's so aggravating, I've been through where it should be about 3 times over now but nothing. I hate losing things, or people moving them to where they shouldn't be.

I can't wait to post my Touché Amoré collection. It's coming along really well, I have about 3 TA records in the post coming from overseas so when they're here I'll crack on. Demo 7"s first, I imagine the last one of them will arrive this week. I'm a semi-serious collector; not too bothered about test pressings as they're usually way over what I can afford. I mainly go for the record colour variations, limited cover editions are cool but definitely go for record colour first.

The first band I collected was AFI, and I still have some awesome rare promo CDs. Only have a few pieces of vinyl as I sold a few off last year. Touché Amoré are definitely the most collected band however, I own more of their records than any other. Costs a lot, but I enjoy it.

Here is a song by Life Long Tragedy. Great band, Runaways is a fantastic record.

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