Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Get off that skateboard and get off the fucking train

Left: Fast Point 'Skateboards and Powerchords' green /200
Right: Fast Point 'Skateboards and Powerchords' black /300

First 7" post. Started off with a banger if I do say so myself. This is by far one of the most fun 7"s I own and definitely one of my favourites. I haven't seen this band play since December 08 and I missed out on seeing them last month (or maybe earlier this month, can't remember). Proper gutted about it, but with any luck they'll actually get round to doing something this year.

Good times have been had to this band. Me and Archie put on our first ever show and these dudes played, and we had a blast. It was in a community centre in Canterbury and was one of the first CT shows for quite some time I believe. The place was basically a fucking stadium, which is partly my fault because I never went to check it out and when I called and asked how big it was they said about 300 people standing. Obviously we weren't expecting 300 at all, but this place was seriously double that. Echoed like a motherfucker too. Neighbours kept complaining about the noise and people drinking outside and stuff but nothing really happened until the end when it got shut down by the janitor bloke.

I think we had about 100 people show up (which was the best turnout for any of our shows, they seemed to steadily decline from that point on) and people sort of broke into this kind of big cupboard full of spacehoppers and tricycles an shit haha, and during Pay No Respect (this was before they played Kent every week haha) people were moshing with them. Fucking funny, there was a video of it I saw once on facebook but no idea at all who filmed it.

The Fast Point dudes were awesome, pretty sure they were bored as fuck the entire time until they played, but their bassist was so fucking drunk and really friendly. And their merch dude/ friend Fanny was hilarious. We went to see them the next day at the Underworld in London for the last Honour Among Thieves show and it was so awkward, definitely needed to be drunk again.

Here's a video from the show. I thought it was so cool (and still do) that everyone kept singing along to the last song even though the power was cut out. Fuck that place anyway, screwed me out of a lot of money.

Oh also there's a hilarious picture of Fisher from Basement at this show, gona post that too.

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  1. we didnt know each other then haha!! was so funny when he turned the music off lol. i was quite fat then and shaving my head was a bad idea cause it just made me look like a bowling ball...