Thursday, 8 July 2010

I need to take a step back.

Punch - s/t - white w/ red haze /300

This has to be one of my most listened to records of the past year or so. Lastfm tells me that their number 13 in my Library, which I think is pretty good considering the amount of time I've been into them (a bit over a year?).

I had the pleasure of catching them live in Kingston last Sunday which was fucking great, I never really thought they'd hit these shores for some reason, I guess I thought they would never reach the sort of status where it'd be possible. They put on an awesome show though, Meghan's vocals sound perfect and the rest of the band are tight and energetic. She mentioned that they were meant to have a new record out but they're stuck in Germany right now. I was quite shocked; I hadn't heard anything about a new record and I like to think I have my ear to ground with new releases so I have no idea how this got past me, but the new songs they played were fucking great and I am very excited to hear it. Bring on the Brighton show this Sunday, hopefully they'll have them there!

Punch also have a demo and a 7" titled 'Eyeless', neither of which I've spent too much time listening too. Neither of them really clicked with me as much as this full length, so they were completely overlooked. I should probably go back and give them another chance, they played a couple of songs I didn't know which is always kind of annoying when I'm really into a band; I like to know all the songs and be able to sing along.

On top of all this, their drummer has the most magnificent beard/ heair combo. Looks truely dirty haha. It reminds me of the guy in Knocked Up where he get's get at the beginning of the film that if he doesn't shave he won't have to pay his rent, and by the end of it he has a mammoth beard. It's like that sort of size, awe-inspiring. Also Meghan is a total babe, so cute.

Anyway listen to this band, get their new record, get their old record, buy some merch, go see them on their Euro tour with Comadre, just generally support this band because they fucking rule.

Here is my favourite track from them, gutted they didn't play it last week.

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