Friday, 23 July 2010

I don't think you understand, these boys killed my dog.

Graf Orlock - Destination Time Today - purple /150

This band fucking rules. Cinema-infused grindcore,; such a good idea and executed perfectly.

I got into Gorlock early lasdt year when my dear friend Lydia sent me a track off their EP. I hadn't listened to anything like this before really (and even now I still can't really get into grindcore all that much) so I was pretty taken aback by how fast and intense it was, but loved the use of film samples. Completely different to anything I had heard up to that point.

I ended up downloading their discography and they fast become one of my most listened to bands (I think they're 7th in my LastFM as of now), so I'm glad I finally got around to acquiring a solid copy. First off, the colour is absolutely gorgeous, Pirates Press seem to be leading the way with vinyl quality and they do not disappoint here. The packaging is fantastic, again like nothing I've seen before. Graf Orlock and Vitriol Records seem to have fucking great ideas for vinyl packaging (see the Graf Orlock/ Greyskull split; a backpack as the sleeve, awesome). The notes below each famous person are a brief description of their notority in their lives, and also how they died (the theme here as you may have guessed is assassination, although not all mentioned died that way), but written in a very sarcastic light.

I believe this is the first release with their new vocalist (not that new now but yeah) and to be honest, I could not tell the difference. Which isn't a bad thing really as the vocals are fucking killer, if they'd ended up being weaker or too different this record probably would have sucked ass.

I'm listening to this now and one of the tracks gets stuck on a loop. That is so fucking irritating.

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